San Diego


San Diego: It’s a vacationer’s paradise with near-perfect temperatures and a laid back vibe that will leave you wanting more. When most people visit San Diego for the first time, they tend to stick to the downtown area, but you haven’t seen the real San Diego until you get out and explore the coast!

Take a breath here, and look again. Quietly, in the past few years, this city has established its youthful energy, with a resurgent Tijuana at its hip. In food and culture, San Diego is bursting. The crackle of the place lives in neighborhoods like Barrio Logan, whose murals and galleries tell the story of both Chicano history and the flourishing homegrown arts scene.

Without driving too far in this county, you can hike and surf in the same morning. And, yes, as anyone who lives here will tell you, those famous beaches overshadow all of this because more so than in LA, they are real, and they are spectacular.